Procter & Gamble Discovery Partnership
BY Future of StoryTelling — December 12, 2019

Procter & Gamble’s Human Insights Group approached FoST for help navigating current consumer trends. With more than 45 speaker roundtables and workshops to choose from, the FoST Summit gave P&G’s team members groundbreaking perspective into topics like corporate empathy, the Internet of Things, and science fiction as a driver for innovation. FoST curated the group’s Summit itinerary to ensure that they were placed into the sessions that were most relevant to their objectives. It was important to P&G to have maximum exposure to the speaker lineup, as well as ample networking opportunities, so we hand-selected each team member’s schedule to ensure that they did not end up in sessions together and collectively participated in a variety of sessions. 

The day after the Summit, FoST secured a venue and organized a full-day debriefing session attended by all of P&G’s team members, a professional facilitator, and FoST’s founder, Charles Melcher. This was an opportunity to exchange notes about the most important learnings and takeaways from the event that would be transferred back to each attendees’ respective departments within P&G.