Soundscape for Gear VR
BY Saif Tase — October 18, 2021

Have a Samsung phone, a Gear VR headset, and an interest in creating some electronic music? Then enter Soundscape, your virtual production studio.

Soundscape is a recent arrival to the Gear VR ecosystem, having previously been available for the Oculus Rift. Whereas the original Soundscape was controlled by your hands, as tracked by a Leap Motion peripheral, this iteration is pared down a bit, the controls relegated to the Gear VR’s touchpad.

While Soundscape probably won’t be used for professional production any time soon, it’s a fun environment to play around in, either solo or with other players online.

Players can take control of up to three different instruments. The first of these is the “tone matrix.” Using the tone matrix, you can add notes to the timeline. From there, you can change waveforms or add effects such as delay, reverb, and cutoff to alter the sound of the notes. The notes available are based on the pentatonic scale, so they usually sound reasonably good regardless of what you do.

Next up is the drum machine, which includes effects emulating three essential parts of any drum kit: the snare, the bass drum, and the hi-hat, which can be played opened or closed. In addition, there are four electronic beats, adding more percussive options to the mix.

Finally, there is the tone RPG, a tool that can be used to create synthesized sounds and to adjust waveforms to customize them. Again, you can adjust effects like reverb, delay, and cutoff, with the option to even add a custom effect.

Playing alone, you’re able to control all three elements. You can also start a “jam,” which can contain up to three players. During jams, one player takes control of each instrument, and adjustments by each player are reflected in real time. It can be quite a fun experience, though there isn’t much of a community surrounding the game as of yet.

Soundscape is available on the Oculus Store for mobile, on compatible Samsung phones.