Story Arcade
BY Megan Worman — October 18, 2021

Experience the Story Arcade at home! We’re excited to share a selection of some of our favorite recent projects that were featured in this year’s Story Arcade and at the FoST Festival. Each of them is an example of innovative storytelling that puts you at the center of the narrative. We hope you enjoy them!

Can't Get Enough of Myself

In advance of the release of her third album, 99¢, Santigold revealed this innovative new interactive video for the song “Can’t Get Enough of Myself (feat. B.C.),” which uses the camera of your computer or mobile device to incorporate you into the video in real time.

Try it out on Chrome here:

Download for iOS:

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Late Shift

Late Shift is the world’s first cinematic interactive movie. The action-thriller allows you to make plot-changing decisions on behalf of Matt, the protagonist, in real time, while the film keeps running seamlessly. With one beginning but countless storylines and seven different endings, it’s up to you to discover the different plot variations and make "better" decisions.

Download available for iOS:


The first ever scrolling graphic novel for phones, Phallaina combines cognitive sciences and mythology to tell a beautifully illustrated story of personal transformation. Created by Marietta Ren and Small Bang studio, it is available for viewing on your phone.

Download for iOS:

Download for Android:


Quiver is a 3D coloring app which combines physical coloring with augmented reality technology to bring you and your children a magical experience. All it takes is printing out the pages and coloring them in, and you can see your work spring to life. Through the lens of your mobile pone, the coloring pages become an augmented-reality experience as they jump out of the page.

Download for iOS:

Download for Android:

Print out coloring pages:

These Memories Won't Last

These Memories Won’t Last is an intimate nonfiction portrait that explores the nature of aging and memory. It is an animated scrolling story, and a perfect example of how new forms of storytelling that are only possible in the digital realm can bring skilled storytelling and illustration to new levels.

Available for viewing at: