The Many Faces of Google
BY — October 18, 2021

Google processes about 3.5 billion searches every day.

To “google” is now a verb, and chances are you’ve already “googled” something today.

This month, Google announced a new parent company, Alphabet, which will allow Google to continue doing what it does best (sell ads) and lets all of the other incredible projects they have produced fall under a separate umbrella. So in honor of Alphabet, we thought we’d explore some of the coolest web projects Google has produced.

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1. Google Earth View

Google Earth has now been around for ten years, and in honor of its anniversary, Google made a new website called Earth View, which showcases the most breathtaking views from around the world.


2. Smarty Pins

This game takes you around the world, giving you geography-based trivia clues like “The United States Central Intelligence Agency is located in this place,” and then leaving you to drag a pin to the correct location on the map. It often centers the map on the general area you should be in, and depending on how many miles away you are from the correct answer, points are deducted.


3. Google Cultural Institute

This website has digital versions of art masterpieces from more than 400 museums around the world. It allows you to explore and access this art without leaving your home and even lets you create your own galleries and collections. You can compare art pieces side by side, read information on their history, and explore other users’ collections.


4. The Evolution of the Web

This interactive infographic displays the History of Browsers and Technologies, as well as the Growth of the Web. Winding, complex, and beautiful, the web project was created by a team of technologists from Chrome who wanted to share their love and knowledge of the Internet with others.

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5. Google Trends Visualizer

The Google Trends Visualizer, which is also available for download as a screensaver, shows what people are currently searching for on the Internet. On the bottom of the screen, you can select the country that you are interested in, and a dynamic display of search terms in Google’s signature colors will unfold on your screen.


6. El Capitan Project

This is a project through Google Earth that takes the user through the journey of climbing Yosemite’s iconic El Capitan. The project takes you up the sheer rock face in chunks, providing history along the way and letting you explore 360-degree views. This is one of many such climbs Google is showcasing—a little less scary than doing the real thing.

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7. Build It with Chrome

Created a few years ago, this project sets you up somewhere in the world on Google Maps and lets you build a structure, character, building, or anything else you can imagine—entirely out of digital LEGOs. Once you’ve completed your creation, which can be made out of bricks of every size and color, you can publish it to the web. Then, if you zoom out, you can explore the world and roam around to take in other people’s creations. Some are even in the middle of the ocean!

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8. Creative Sandbox

A project produced by Think with Google, this is a digital pop-up storybook that shows the many ways in which Google can creatively help your company or organization. The book takes you through different cross-platform ideas and methods using very cool pull-tabs and page turning devices that mimic a real pop-up book.

9. Google Deep Dream

Last month, Google released their Deep Dream code on Github, letting anyone use the complex and beautiful code. But there was no Google-created web project that let you apply the effect to your own photos, so other sites like this one and this one made some instead!


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10. Cube

An HTML5 arcade web game, Cube takes maps from locations around the world, then converts them into levels akin to those tiny metal marble maze toys you probably remember from your childhood. Moving your mouse around the map to tilt it, you must guide your Google Sphere to the marked locations as quickly as possible.