The Weekly Roundup
BY Jess Bass — October 18, 2021

Every week, FoST presents a mashup of headlines, new projects, and upcoming events in the storytelling community. This week, we cover the latest in virtual and augmented reality, from a VR laser tag game to an AR cycling headset.

The Discovery Channel has adventured into the VR world with the release of DiscoveryVR, a 360-degree series of immersive video experiences downloadable on iOS and Android phones and viewable on desktop. You can now shark dive, trek through the Redwoodsfreeboard in San Francisco, or watch the sunset on the Pacific. “Virtual reality has the power to immerse fans in the action, and we look forward to telling stories in this new space like never before,” Conal Byrne, Senior Vice President of Digital Media, Discovery Communications, said in a statement. There are nine videos currently available, with plans to unveil more in the coming weeks.

MTV has partnered with IM360 for the VMA’s first live 360-degree broadcasting of the pre-show red carpet. Available on multiple platforms, optimized for web, mobile and tablets, the streaming content will be accessible to viewers in 360-degree real time. The network also plans to place VR cameras inside the event space so fans can watch behind-the-scenes footage.

Zero Latency is an epic free-roam, multiplayer, virtual-reality laser-tag game. Featuring motion tracking and a custom-built backpack carrying an Alienware PC attached to meter-long rifle, the game allows players wearing DK2s to roam in teams or on their own in an empty warehouse in Melbourne. The warehouse is outfitted with 128 cameras that are built to track up to six players in one world simultaneously. This is the future of immersive gaming!

SENTH IN1 is bringing augmented-reality to biking. Cyclists can receive phone calls, select music, and navigate directions using special AR glasses. Communicating with an iOS and Android phone through Bluetooth and a handlebar-mounted thumb remote, riders can control the transparent image projected in the lower corner of the glasses by using the remote, voice commands, head movements, and a touchpad on the side of the glasses. They’re even weatherproof!