The Weekly Roundup 9/04
BY Weronika JURKIEWICZ — October 18, 2021

Every week, FoST presents a mashup of headlines, new projects, and upcoming events from the storytelling community. This week we offer you news ranging from augmented-reality fashion to a cat’s-eye street-view map.

Have you ever wondered what a conversation between two people might smell like? Or if “I love you” really smells of roses? Osmothèque, an interactive laboratory that translates whatsapp messages into smells, may just have the answer. Using four olfactory families (floral, spicy, woody, and citrus), the artists evaluate the adjectives and emotions transmitted through the messages and create corresponding fragrances. Offering someone a bottle of perfume may have just gained a whole new meaning.

Google-funded startup Magic Leap, which is currently working on an augmented-reality headset, has filled a patent for augmented-reality contact lenses. This potentially world-changing product would enable us to see a 3D overlay placed on top of our view of the real world. Given the limited information available, no one knows how exactly the project would work, but if it proves successful, AR contact lenses could change the way we perceive the world around us.

Speaking of augmented reality, New York–based fashionistas just gained an unprecedented opportunity to transcend the next season’s trends and take their wardrobes into the future. “Blatosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion,” an exhibition at The Gallery at Ace Hotel New York, features physical garments that have been encoded with augmented reality, questioning our traditional notions of fashion. The garments will be available for purchase starting September 13 through the end of the month at the New Museum Store.

Lastly, we have a project for those who always wanted to know what a city looks like from a cat’s perspective but were too shy to crawl down the street to find out. Hiroshima prefecture released the first cat’s-eye street map, which allows users to explore Onomichi—a port town about 45 miles east of Hiroshima city known for its museum dedicated to Japan’s “maneki-neko” cat dolls—on all fours. You even get to meet some of the town’s local cats and learn a little bit about them along the way.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful long weekend!