BY Victoria Spencer — March 23, 2023

Directed by 3D artist Bryan LeBeuf, DTCHPLNES’s new music video for “WRATH” takes viewers on a 3D journey through the digital realm. Modeled after a video game, each level represents what LeBeuf calls a “shattered ideal,” a glimpse of nostalgia or terror often set in the post-industrial landscape of Detroit (LeBeuf’s hometown) or Japan. In one moment, the viewer pulses through a skull as a red blood cell. In another, they travel through an abandoned trap house. The series of motifs and images is strung together with a torrent of lyrics by rapper Danny Brown.

LeBeuf says “The video was a product of my fascination with connected consciousness experienced within a digital realm. Though most of these encounters are lost in a vast sea of nebulous memories, the experience leaves individuals spellbound by their own psyche.”