Dr. Marvin Chun — Decoding the Mind
Dr. Marvin Chun — Decoding the Mind
Researchers at Yale University are using MRI technology, traditionally used to scan the brain for abnormalities, to decode people’s thoughts, perception, and imagination. A recent scientific breakthrough showed that active areas in the brain require more oxygen, which led to a visual mapping of those brain regions called functional brain imaging, or fMRI. Using a massive database of brain scans, Dr. Marvin Chun and his team at Yale are using this brain imaging to understand how to improve memory, attention, conscious perception, and decision-making. The next step in this frontier is to predict future behavior and read people’s thoughts and dreams. Scientists are already using a computer algorithm to predict images that people are viewing, landing one step closer to the centuries-old quest to read people’s minds and decipher their dreams.

Beau Lotto — Understanding Perception: How We Experience the Meaning We Create
Our senses tell us stories about the world. Our perceptions evolved to interpret those stories—and understanding how will help us create meaning in our lives.