Jules Urbach: Rendering the Metaverse
Jules Urbach: Rendering the Metaverse
Jules Urbach dreams of a world in which anyone can be a creator and anything you imagine can be effortlessly brought to life in fantastic visual detail, without any prior visual graphics training. OTOY’s mission is to turn that dream into reality, and the company’s collaborations with partners like Oculus and HBO offer tantalizing hints at further innovations to come.

In order to achieve its mission, OTOY is creating technology that renders all possible visual angles in real time, so that creators can effortlessly change story elements and camera angles without needing overly complex or time-consuming software. The outputs are cloud-based and can be brought to life both on the screen and in mixed reality environments. Oculus CTO John Carmack has called some of OTOY’s renderings the best images he’s seen through any VR headset.

Aaron Koblin — Data-Driven Stories
Koblin's remarkable oeuvre demonstrates in the most vivid ways imaginable the infinite artistic and narrative possibilities of crowdsourced digital creation and autonomous storytelling.