Video Author
Jennifer Aaker on September 14, 2013


Dr. Jennifer Aaker studies the psychology of time, money and happiness. In this FoST video, she draws on behavioral research to show how stories are more meaningful–more memorable, impactful and personal–than statistics alone. When used with statistical data, stories are a powerful tool that can help us decide what to believe in a world that is otherwise incredibly over-saturated with information.

Jennifer Aaker's bio

A social psychologist, Jennifer Aaker is the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. Her research spans time, money, and happiness. She focuses on questions such as: What actually makes people happy, as opposed to what they think makes them happy? How can small acts create infectious action, and how can such effects be fueled by social media? Her work has been featured in a variety of media including The Economist, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, BusinessWeek, Forbes, CBS Money Watch, NPR, Science, and Cosmopolitan. She coauthored the award-winning book The Dragonfly Effect: Quick, Effective, and Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Social Change. She serves as an advisory board member for several companies. A recipient of the Distinguished Teaching Award, Citibank Best Teacher Award, and George Robbins Best Teacher Award, she teaches courses such as Social Brands, Designing Happiness, and How to Tell a Story. She counts winning a dance-off in the early 1980s among her most impressive accomplishments, and she cooks very poorly.