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EY Innovation Realized 2022


EY approached us to program performances to open their global summit for C-Suite leaders: Innovation Realized. They wanted memorable, unique experiences that embodied the year’s themes: embracing impermanence, realizing bold ambitions, and focusing on relentless execution.


The executive audience was surprised, delighted, and inspired by three performances that mirrored the day’s themes: a reading from Poet Jasmine Mans; a performance from Shimon, a marimba-playing robot that uses AI to collaborate in real time with human musicians; and a show from Manual Cinema, an Emmy award–winning shadow puppetry team.

The stage was set for the show.
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Person performing at the event.
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We also created a short film that played immediately after the performances that introduced the event’s themes more explicitly. The cumulative result was an inspiring, surprising and educational start to the event.

The future of digital advertising.
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