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FoST is a multidisciplinary story studio working at the intersection of media, creativity, and technology.

Have a story to tell?

From stunning books, to interactive apps and websites, to videos and VR/AR, to complex live events and other unique immersive projects, we’ve been producing award-winning stories and experiences for the world’s biggest companies, brands, and celebrities for the past thirty years.

Our Creative Services

• Apps
• Books
• Consulting
• Curation
• Events
• Exhibits
• Videos
• VR/AR/XR Experiences
• Websites

Need to stay current?

Whether you’re looking to brush up on the fundamentals of storytelling or you want to expose your team to the most creative innovations in the storytelling market, our team can host bespoke curriculum sessions, curate inspiring workshops led by the most talented and cutting-edge thinkers and creators, and enable access to the most awe-inspiring immersive experiences.

Our Educational Services

• Living Stories Curriculum
• Custom Innovation Programming
• Thought Leadership Curation
• Corporate Explorers Club Memberships

Want to inspire your team?

For over a decade, FoST has been curating the future of storytelling. Stay abreast of new breakthroughs in immersive technology, shifting trends in the media world, and innovation in the storytelling space through our FoST Podcast, Videos and Newsletter.

Our Original Content

• Newsletter
• Podcast
• Videos
• Private Membership

We work with the best.