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Kore Infrastructure Website


Kore Infrastructure spent over a decade creating large-scale, economically viable solutions to transform industrial-scale waste into clean, renewable energy. Now that their technology was in place, they needed help finding the best way to share their story with target customers and investors.


We worked with Kore to create a strong brand story, voice, website, and deck that would position them as leaders of the waste-to-energy revolution our planet so desperately needs.


We interviewed the executive team members, subject matter experts, clients, and other stakeholders in order to better understand and articulate Kore’s unique value proposition in the green energy market.

We needed to tell a precise, technical story in a persuasive and digestible way that positioned them as leaders in the market. We worked with Kore to establish desired customer journeys for the many different target audiences, and helped them distill and present the most powerful message for each.

Earth with a few elements.
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We created a set of visual assets with the flexibility toto illustrate Kore’s engineering prowess as well as its overall vision for a sustainable planet. These included a suite of icons and bold typography, a map of the Kore system, a capacity calculator, and a series of easy-to-digest scientific animations.

This is an example of a custom - made website.
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