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The Kitchen Cookbook


To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his restaurant group, Kimbal Musk asked us to create a cookbook, starting with hundreds of commercial-scale recipes from disparate sources.


We curated, adapted, and tested 100 recipes. Then we crafted narrative texts that gave continuity to the dishes, while also producing a ten-day photo shoot with a full team of stylists.

The menu for the restaurant.
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We identified a guiding principle for the restaurants that would serve as a theme for the book: community. To bring this alive in the pages, we orchestrated seven double-page photos with multiple models in motion sharing a meal around a table.

A photo of the garden.
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The cookbook by person, via photo sharing website.
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Kimbal wanted the book to reflect but also evolve the restaurant’s branding, so we made its signature orange a motif in backgrounds, type, and even napkins. We also developed a graphic language playing off the Kitchen’s (and Kimbal’s) “K.”

The book is a beautiful, hand - drawn, hand - drawn book.
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The book is a good read for beginners.
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Since Kimbal comes from a tech entrepreneur background, we worked with his team to place a dozen QR codes throughout the book, linking readers out to brief videos that demonstrate key kitchen techniques.

The book is a must read for anyone who loves to cook.
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