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Tom Clancy's The Division: New York Collapse


Ubisoft approached Melcher Media to produce a companion book for their new blockbuster game, Tom Clancy’s The Division. The book was to be a game in and of itself, with interactive elements and removable artifacts straight from the world of the popular action RPG.


We created New York Collapse: ostensibly an “urban catastrophe survival guide” that has become one woman’s handwritten account of the disaster that precedes Tom Clancy’s The Division. The text is embedded with puzzles and clues for the reader to solve as they follow April Kelleher’s journey to discover the truth behind the city’s destruction.

The book is a must - read for any fan of the series.
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A Multilayered Thriller

The story of New York Collapse unfolds on several levels. First, the book is designed to look weathered, as if it’s been through an actual catastrophe. Its main text appears to be a survival guide— but it’s secretly full of codes and clues. Then, April’s story unfolds as handwritten notes in the book’s margins as she uncovers how the collapse happened and learns why the Division is the city’s last hope. The mystery is augmented through ephemera such as maps, transit cards, missing posters, and more.

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A Gripping Story

We put together a world-class team to execute the project, including a science fiction writer, a puzzle design firm, and real-life disaster experts. The resulting narrative ended up being so compelling that Ubisoft wrote April into the game itself via Easter eggs and made New York Collapse a key feature of the marketing campaign for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

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