Using facial recognition technology as a navigation device, RIOT takes you on a personalized journey through the fringes of a protest turned riot, in which your emotional responses to the situations you encounter and the characters you meet will determine your fate. RIOT is a prototype of a full experience planned for launch in 2017, combining technical and creative innovation by integrating various software platforms into a receptive storytelling experience in which the player's emotional state is the remote-control for the story.

Karen Palmer, Mark Atkin & Tom Millen
, Crossover
Karen Palmer is a film director and digital artist. Her work fuses emerging immersive storytelling technologies and the diverse filmmaking genres, including documentary, music videos, short film, and experimental. Her neurogame Syncself2 received international exposure through exhibition at festivals, museums and galleries, including the V&A Museum and Sheffield International Documentary Festival. She was commissioned to create the interactive film Evolution as part of the Cultural Olympiad leading in to the London Olympics in 2012. Palmer was a keynote speaker at DiGRA 2015, the world’s leading academic digital games conference in Germany, as well as at TEDx Australia and the Games for Change Festival in New York.

Crossover is an international training organization and production company dedicated to developing the production of crossmedia content and exploring the creative and commercial challenges of developing digital media. Our process brings together creative professionals from diverse disciplines including film and TV production, animation, games, theatre and interactive design to form new interdisciplinary collaborations and generate ideas for projects.