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Eminem: The Way I Am


Melcher Media was approached to produce the uncensored autobiography of one of the best-selling music artists of all time: Eminem. Entitled The Way I Am, this book would be the first time that Eminem shared his handwritten lyric sheets with the world, providing insights into how he brought his multi-million-selling albums to life.


We collaborated with Eminem and his management team to create a book that is in all ways revelatory. In addition to the never-before-published lyric notes, it includes an intimate narrative based on interviews with the rapper, images from Eminem’s personal photo albums as well as original photography, and a DVD with behind-the-scenes footage shot by Eminem himself.

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The Real Slim Shady

The Way I Am offers an unprecedented glimpse into Eminem’s life, from his writing process to personal polaroids to his candid thoughts on family, fame, and, of course, hip-hop. To emphasize this pulling back of the curtain, we devised a special package: The case, featuring a portrait of Eminem, is wrapped in a red acetate jacket. When removed, the jacket reveals a previously hidden collage of his handwritten lyrics scrawled in red pen.

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One for the Stans

Everything about The Way I Am was designed for Eminem’s die-hard fans. The uncensored interviews are strikingly candid, written in Em’s own voice and describing his rise from small-scale rap battles on 8 Mile to sold-out shows in arenas around the world. The special edition also includes removable lyric sheets and a collectible bonus DVD with footage from Eminem’s personal camcorder. With all it has to offer, The Way I Am quickly became a New York Times bestseller.

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