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The Martha Manual


Martha Stewart wanted to create an all-encompassing how-to manual that would answer virtually every question a reader might ask. From replacing a doorknob, to choosing the right size rug, to knitting a scarf, this book would be the ultimate handbook of essential life skills from America’s most trusted lifestyle expert.


We created an indispensable book that is as beautiful as it is useful. Covering organizing, entertaining, cleaning, cooking, and much more, The Martha Manual is the essential guide on how to do (almost) everything—the Martha way.


We went through decades of magazine archives in order to curate this collection of both new and classic how-tos. Piecing them together into a single cohesive volume was both a challenge and a pleasure–the ideas needed to feel timely and fresh but also timeless and enduring.

They had to work together visually (in spite of being shot by dozens of different photographers, in many different styles, over several decades) as well as editorially (though points of view and techniques may have evolved over the years). Most importantly, they had to be true to Martha.

The book is a must - read for any budding writer.
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Person in the front cover of the magazine.
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In conjunction with Martha’s team, we produced original photo shoots for the cover and the twelve stunning chapter openers, in addition to shooting select images throughout the book. The opener shots needed to clearly convey the chapter topic while still maintaining the high standard of Martha’s famously beautiful photography.

Digital art selected for the #.
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Each chapter begins with a summary of crucial top-level information so that readers are well-armed for the tasks ahead–examples include a comprehensive tool kit (gardening), a detailed stain removal chart (laundering), and a guide to setting up a home bar (entertaining).

The book is a must read for any gardener.
(THE GARDEN TOOLKIT A selection of reliable tools makes gardening tasks easier and more likely to reap favorable results. Invest in sturdy, well- made models that will hold up to regular use. Stainless steel is BEDDING RAKE JAPANESE WEEDER SOMEHL SPADE a rust-free option, though it will this tool levels garden beds, Also known as a hard rake. Use this underrated favorite whenever you need to do A long handle is best for heavy a spade, then tift it with a Cut and loosen soil first with still need regular cleaning. moves soil, and removes digging andIiting.such a some light weeding or to aer When you break new ground. shovel. Or use the spade to large debris. Its also great for ate the soil around the root A shovel also comes in handy turn over a now garden bed. edge beds, cut and lift sod, or spreading mulch or compost over a bed that already exists systems of your plants when transporting coarse mulch, leaf mold, or compost. Buy one with metal straps that reinforce the handle. HAND CULTIVATOR Designed to loosen and rough HEDGE SHEARS LOPPERS SECATEUR TROWEL In addition to maintaining WATERING WAND up the soil in preparation boxwood and topiaries, these Reach for this when you want This essential tool (also This tool is just right for to remove branches that planting small container A wand allows easy water- forplantingthis tools thee are ideal for clipping grass known as pruning shears or are too large to be cut with hand pruners) is excellent for plants soedling,and bulbs. ing of hanging baskets or any sharp prongs also allow you to around trees, walls, and Keep one indoors for house- other plants that require an remove strong weeds. fences. The Japanese model pruners. Loppers with long but lightweight aluminum deadheading. pruning.cutting plants, and another in the extended reach. The rose shown here has very sharp, handles provide leverage to flowers and small branches. potting shed. (at top, also called a water rust-proof steel blades. and cutting back annuals and breaker) functions like a slice through branches up to perennials. Try to purchase showerhead. Look for a model 2 inches thick. bypass shears, which out with adjustable flow settings with a scissorlike action and multiple nozzles.,booklet, page, template, layout, information, no person, presentation, navigation, banner, form, education, magazine, paper, facts, World Wide Web, business, text, option (finance), stripe, advertising)
A photo of a hat.
(HOW TO CRAFTAND CREAT CRAFT AND CREATE SEW HAT EMBELLISHMENTS Four simple-to-stitch techniques can take your to extraordinary. Once you get going, you


Step-by-step how-tos comprise the bulk of the book, accompanied by photography. How-tos include helpful supply lists and suggestions for things to do beforehand to ensure success. The goal is to ensure that readers have everything they need at the start and never find themselves frustrated halfway through a task.

The cover of the cookbook.
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