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FoST Festival

FoST Festival (FoST Fest) was a first-of-its-kind exploration of the emerging technologies and methods transforming storytelling as we know it, and the revolution putting audiences at the center of the story. It brought together leaders from around the world across media, technology, and communications with the best creators of immersive storytelling, both digital and analog, to explore how new technologies are shaping storytelling in the digital age.

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The first FoST Fest took place June 7–9, 2016 in New York City and featured 75,000 square feet of exhibitions and other programming—including more than 50 hands-on technology demos, VR and AR exhibits, interactive installations, panel conversations, 360 films, games, live theater performances, and a multiperson VR theater.

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Open to the public, the event drew on the city’s preeminence in theater, arts and culture, film and television, advertising, technology, gaming, publishing, and journalism. Attendees were among the first to experience many of the exhibits and programming, including more than 25 world and US premieres that made their debuts. FoST Fest also partnered with NYC-based organizations across the five boroughs to host dozens of satellite events that showcased the best in city-wide storytelling from participatory theater performances, live action role-playing games, interactive art installations, and more.

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In its second year, FoST Fest moved to Snug Harbor on Staten Island as a four-day, public-facing event capping off the invitation-only FoST Summit. The Fest offered attendees access to more than 100 exhibits (with over 40 world and US premieres), including the best and newest in VR, AR, AI, mixed reality, haptics, sensors, games, interactive film, and more. There were also panels and conversations with leaders from the worlds of marketing, media, technology, and entertainment—including such visionaries as writer and director Steven Soderbergh; Jenna Pirog, Virtual Reality Editor at The New York Times; and Sam Esmail, creator of Mr. Robot; main stage evening performances, including a night of music from NPR and a performance from an all-star cast of comedians, including Chris Gethard; plus immersive experiences, pop-up performances, and food for a variety of local NYC vendors.

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