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Good Citizen Podcast


As part of our ongoing engagement with the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library (TRPL), we helped create a Content Studio that aims to amplify the Library’s core messaging and principles outside of its four walls . Given that the Library won’t open until 2026, it also needed a regular stream of content to help build awareness.


While Theodore Roosevelt was a 20th century president, the Library is a 21st century institution whose content emphasizes how TR’s pillar principles of citizenship, leadership, and conservation are relevant today. With this in mind, for the Content Studio’s first project, we conceived of an original program that would both symbolically and functionally link TR to the present: a podcast series hosted by TR descendant Ted Roosevelt V that features today’s leading figures in civil service, politics, science, history, and other disciplines where TR’s influence is evident. With input from Ted and the TRPL, we created a vision and brand for the podcast, Good Citizen, and began releasing it biweekly on October 27th, 2023.

The logo is a reflection of the company


The goal of Good Citizen is to counter the negativity, polarization, and apathy that has become so prevalent today with regard to our country and planet. Our approach is to have open and honest conversations with people at the top of their fields who have made a tremendous difference in the world through their integrity and actions. To that end, we selected a balanced list of interviewees: from historian Candice Millard, to a climate change leader Christiana Figueres, to a Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney, to President Biden’s Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland–to name just a few.