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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library


Despite being one of America’s most popular presidents, Theodore Roosevelt does not have a Presidential Library. The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation (TRPLF) is changing that, with a Library opening in 2026 to honor and learn from our 26th President. TRPLF approached us in their very beginning phases with a vision to help create a world-class institution that will carry TR’s legacy forward and show that we can learn from, not just about, the past.


FoST came on board the Executive Storytellers of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library (TRPL), to help establish a vision and foundation for all storytelling efforts, and to help ensure a cohesive message. We immersed ourselves in TR’s story and are working closely with the TRPL team to create a Library that embodies three pillar principles: citizenship, leadership, and conservation. We provide input and support on a variety of unique projects, from the architectural and interpretive design of the physical museum itself to the development of benefactor relations to a storytelling studio that communicates the TRPL’s mission to audiences across the country.

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Our involvement with the TRPL began in the project’s early stages. They knew they wanted to be a forward looking, world-class institution. We played a role in selecting both the architectural firm and the interpretive design firm responsible for the execution of the physical museum in Medora, ND, following the TRPL’s goals of creating a space that is at once sustainable, educational, true to TR’s legacy, and an attractive destination for visitors of all kinds. Currently we contribute high-level strategic direction on the curation of content, artifacts, and all-around storytelling for the history-focused narrative galleries as well as the activity-focused experience galleries.

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A key component of our partnership is crafting bespoke materials befitting of the Library’s stature for use in everything from development to onboarding. While the physical Library is still under construction, these print and digital resources provide benefactors, partners, and employees with a cohesive story.

One important early example was the Library’s “Story Guide,” which serves as a reference book, onboarding tool, and style guide for current and future Library collaborators.

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For the Library to become a national institution, it needed to have a national platform. To help accomplish this, we led the effort to form the TRPL Content Studio, and conceived of several initial projects to help raise awareness about the Library leading up to the launch. With the Library’s support, we have planned, overseen, and released two Content Studio projects thus far: an original podcast, Good Citizen with Ted Roosevelt V, and an augmented reality game, Rangers Wanted. We continue to work with the Library on growing and expanding their content strategy to increase awareness and help share the values of TR beyond the walls of the Library.

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