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Hamilton: The Revolution

A New York Times bestseller designed like it lived on Alexander Hamilton’s bookshelf.


Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton’s producers came to us with a unique challenge: create a companion that would reimagine—in both form and content—Alexander Hamilton’s story for a modern-day audience, just as the show itself does.


Hamilton: The Revolution transports readers to the 18th century with period-accurate design details, while interviews with the cast and crew, stunning production photos, and the show’s full libretto annotated by Miranda himself bring it into the modern era.


The cover and pages of Hamilton feature period-appropriate touches such as a rounded leather spine with hubs, cream-colored paper stock with rough, hand-cut edges, (bright white, cleanly cut paper would not have existed during Hamilton’s time), and typefaces and illustrative flourishes that draw inspiration from Hamilton’s Federalist Papers.

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Beautiful, full-color photography appears throughout, including images taken from the stage during a special performance of the show done exclusively for the book.

The book’s text includes interviews with Miranda, as well as the show’s producers, creative team, and cast members, who all provide an inside look at how the musical was brought to life.

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The book also includes the show’s full libretto and—in a nod to hip-hop’s use of sampling—more than 200 humorous, revealing annotations taken from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s own journals, almost as if he were rapping over the songs himself.

These notes provide unique insight into his creative process, and show the evolution of iconic numbers like “My Shot,” “The Schuyler Sisters,” and “That Would Be Enough.”

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Hamilton: The Revolution was an immediate New York Times bestseller, and a book coveted by the show’s fans, who could continue to relive their Hamilton experience long after the curtain had fallen.

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