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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library: Story Guide


In its earliest days, the Library had a strong mission, vision, and value statement but a lot of the larger thinking that was happening around the institution wasn’t being recorded. New employees and teams had minimal resources available for understanding the Library’s story and how to maintain the integrity of that story in their ongoing work.


We created the Library’s foundational “Story Guide,” which serves as a reference book, onboarding tool, and style guide for current and future Library collaborators as well as a crucial development tool. The Guide not only summarizes the Library’s history, founding mission, and principles, it also includes resources such as essential artifacts and reading materials, advice on voice, tone, and design aesthetic, and specific anecdotes, quotes, and images from T.R.’s life that can be used for inspiration or repurposed. This living document will grow as the Library does, ensuring consistency across time and across teams.

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