FoST For Good

FoST is harnessing the power of our extraordinary community for the good of humanity.

In our quest to give back, we created FoST for Good.
FoST for Good is a 501c3 that aims to unite the best storytellers in the world with the organizations that are tackling some of the most pressing challenges of our time. FoST for Good began at the 2015 FoST Summit, where nine organizations working in the social impact space presented urgent challenges to Summit attendees. Attendees then worked together to brainstorm creative solutions and present key ideas to organization leaders. After the Summit, FoST worked with the organizations and volunteers from the community to turn those creative ideas into tangible actions and projects. 
Shaka Senghor
Director of Strategy and Innovation, #Cut50
Al Gore
Former Vice-President of the United States & Author, An Inconvenient Truth
Samantha Wright
VP, Global Programs, Girl Rising
It was a very positive experience to connect with people who were empathetic towards the issue. Seeing people get excited about solving problems was extremely rewarding.
Shaka Senghor
Founder, #cut50
An incredible opportunity to connect with an enthusiastic audience.
Samantha Wright
VP, Girl Rising
The immense storytelling talents of the FoST community can do an enormous amount of good in the world if they are harnessed in that direction. And FoST For Good has done that.
Daniel Goleman
Cofounder, CASEL & Author, Emotional Intelligence