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Al Gore's Our Choice App

Winner of the Apple Design Award, and “one of the most elegant, fluid, impressive apps you’ve ever seen.” (New York Times)


When digital storytelling began to take a firm hold of the publishing landscape, we approached former Vice President Al Gore with a big idea: change the way we read books by turning Gore’s Our Choice (which we also produced) into an industry-changing interactive app for the iPad and iPhone.


Working with a talented team of developers, we created an industry-changing interactive app that communicates Our Choice’s groundbreaking environmental message to an even wider audience.


Our Choice includes more than 270 images by some of the world’s finest photographers and photojournalists. The photos reveal the sources of global warming, survey where our energy comes from, and show off how solutions to the climate crisis are coming into focus.

A man looks at a tablet device displaying a landscape with a river and a city.
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Photos throughout the app feature original audio commentary by Al Gore, describing his own experiences and perspectives, conveying new information, and adding historical and social context to the images.

The world in your hands.
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The app is available on computer and mobile devices.
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Our Choice contains 35 short videos, including compelling introductions to the roots of the climate crisis, historical footage, and interviews with green pioneers such as food activist Michael Pollan and atmospheric scientist Charles Keeling. In addition, 15 original animations show how natural systems, energy technologies, and proposed solutions work.

The tablet is designed to be used as a mobile device.
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Zoom in and explore every image’s location on an interactive map. Fifteen interactive graphics—from a multilayered history of oil prices to a changeable demonstration of how a passive-solar home works to a windmill powered by your own breath—bring static information to life.

The app is available on computer and mobile devices.
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The Our Choice app earned the prestigious Apple Design Award in 2011, and Time called it “one of the first truly multimedia e-books.”

Push Pop Press, the software company formed by Mike Matas and Kimon Tsinteris, the app’s developers, and Charles Melcher during the making of Our Choice, was acquired by Facebook in 2011.

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