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Facebook Paper

“This just in: Paper is the best Facebook app ever,” says The Verge.


Facebook approached us to help them develop a new product called Facebook Paper—an iPhone app for people to explore and share themed content from within Facebook. They needed a team to bring both a strong editorial vision and execution strategy to their newest product.


We worked closely with the Facebook team to determine not only what the themed sections or channels should be, but also to develop and define the vision, content, focus, and name for each. In the end, we created eighteen themed sections, from headlines, business, and sports to entertainment, food, and design. The app received critical acclaim, with The Verge calling it “the best Facebook app ever.”

The app for computer and invention.
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In order to populate the sections twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with the most timely, interesting stories available, we built, managed, and edited the work of a team of curators working around the world. These topic experts, under our editorial direction, were responsible for culling the best articles, photographs, and videos from both established news sources and emerging voices within Facebook.

A smartphone displays the newspaper.
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Paper won critical acclaim for its visually arresting, intuitive interface Both Apple and Fast Company named it one of the “Best Mobile Apps of 2014.”

A photo of a person taking a photo with their smartphone.
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