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Bloomingdale's: 150 Years


Bloomingdale’s, the iconic New York City department store, came to us wanting to create a lavish tome celebrating its 150th anniversary and demonstrate how it had transformed itself from a bargain bazaar into a fashion mecca. But there was one big catch—the store had kept no archive.


In record time, we tracked down artifacts and images from a hundred sources and teased out memories and quotes from a hundred past and current employees, celebrities, and designers.

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Each chapter featured a breakout profiling a specific fashion trend that Bloomingdale’s had fostered—from the polo shirt to Juicy Couture tracksuits—making a strong case for how the store has remained on the cutting edge since its beginnings.

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Bloomingdale’s pioneered the concept of retail as theater, so we played up the spectacular shows and events they have orchestrated over the decades, using a design reminiscent of a fan’s scrapbook.

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To underscore the store’s brilliant move to adorn its shopping bags with art, turning a utilitarian object into a covetable collectible, we devised a double gatefold gallery that showed off scores of the most striking bags in their history.

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Being able to offer its VIP customers something exclusive is a hallmark of the Bloomie’s experience. So, we also created a limited edition version of the book that comes in a slipcase adorned with a full-panel gold-embossed illustration depicting the store’s famous Art Deco façade.

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